Original Bitterstern herbal drops

Bitterstern / 50 ml

Bitter Essences
These herbal drops are made of 17 natural herbs in best quality. Created 25 years ago, they are more valuable than ever. The bitter taste in your mouth is pleasant and round with an excellent harmony of flavours.

Bitterstern 50 ml or Bitterstern 10 ml (test size)

You want to know more?

  • The original recipe goes back to Saint Hildegard at the famous medieval monastry of Bingen on the Rhine. It was modernized and refined over a period of eight years before it was launched
  • Unique harmony in the composition of the herbs used in the drops with careful balancing of the bitter substances
  • Appreciated by our customers for more than 25 years
  • Thanks to the special extraction process, the valuable essential oils are fully efficient as drops
  • Regular tests for heavy metals, aflatoxins and pesticides
  • Vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free

How to use Bitterstern

Let 7-10 bitter drops melt slowly on your tongue before or after meals and feel the power of the bitter herbs. You can enjoy Bitterstern up to 5 times a day.

Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. If you are not yet used to bitter herbs, you can add the bitter drops to a glass of water.

You want to try Bitterstern first? Get our 10 ml bottle!

The benefits of Bitterstern

You want to eat a healthy and balanced diet? A holistic diet must include valuable bitter substances.

However, our diet has changed a lot. Vegetables used to taste much more bitter 100 years ago than they do today. Due to many processing steps and environmental pollution, the bitter flavour was stripped away in exchange for more pleasant flavours. Yet bitter substances are known to be highly beneficial in Chinese and Indian traditional medicine; the teachings of Saint Hildegard of Bingen also recommend bitters.

We think: Bitters need to be part of our daily balanced diet again – and Bitterstern can contribute to your overall well-being. Put your trust in Laetitia and our 25 years of experience in natural medicine!

What is Bitterstern good for?

The essential oils and bitter substances contained in Bitterstern herbal drops can support digestion, control your appetite, and strengthen general well-being. There are no artificial preservatives in Bitterstern.


Alcohol, water, lavender flowers*, yarrow herb*, galangal root*, gentian root*, angelica root*, fennel fruit, caraway seed, cinnamon bark, dandelion root*, marjoram herb, ginger root*, bitter orange peel*, cloves, citrus root*, Iceland moss*, cardamom fruit, coriander fruit.

*bitter herbs

Original Bitterstern herbal drops

Each of the 17 select herbs and spices contained in the drops has its own special powers. The ginger root and galangal, for example, have a high bitter content. They are characterized by a sizable proportion of valuable pungent substances in addition to their high bitter substance content. Herbs such as lavender and yarrow reinforce the positive properties of essential oils.

Our herbal drops combine the properties of natural herbs that have been tried and tested over centuries. They can support your digestion, have a regulating effect on your appetite and ensure a better general sense of well-being.

The unique composition of Bitterstern drops

We have been producing our original Bitterstern herbal drops for over 25 years. The original recipe goes back to Saint Hildegard at the medieval monastery of Bingen on the Rhine. Over the course of eight years, we enriched the recipe with bitter herbs from medieval herbal medicine as well as Indian and Chinese health teachings to meet today’s needs. All herbs are carefully dosed and harmonuously balanced.

We attach particular importance to preserving the essential oils of the individual herbs. Of course our drops are vegan as well as gluten-free and lactose-free.

Where to find bitters in nature

Bitter substances are naturally present in numerous foods. These include artichokes, kale, pomegranates and peppermint.

Vegetables used to taste much more bitter 100 years ago than they do today. With the rise of industrial agriculture, the bitter flavour was stripped away in exchange for more pleasant flavours such as sweet and salty.  The use of processed food accelerated this process  and today we see a dramatic lack of bitterness in our daily diet.

Even in very early medical documents bitters were an integral element of human nature and they have their place in Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine and Eiropean medieval healing such as Saint Hildegard of Bingen.

If you want to eat a healthy and balanced diet you should therefore include valuable bitter substances in your holistic diet. This is particularly easy if you not only pay attention to the bitter substance content in vegetables, but also use bitter substances in concentrated form – as in our Bitterstern herbal drops.

Bitter drops: what are the benefits?

Processing copious and rich meals is a hard job for your digestive system, but there are ways in which you can actively help your body.

Just 7 to 10 drops of Original Bitterstern are enough to feel the power of the bitter substances. Even if you like to snack or are overcome by ravenous hunger, bitter drops can provide relief: the intense bitter taste can inhibit the appetite for sweet and fatty foods.

Bitters need to be part of our daily balanced diet. Thanks to Bitterstern, you get bitters that contribute to your overall well-being. Trust Laetitia with over 25 years of experience in natural medicine! Our body quickly gets used to the bitter taste and finds it delicious after a short time. The packaging and the practical size of our Bitterstern herbal drops also prove to be advantageous: whether in your handbag, trouser pocket, or jacket pocket – it’s the perfect everyday companion!