Well-being and beyond: how to benefit from the power of nature!

Nature is quintessential power. Fresh air and enjoying the outdoors  is a major road to benefit from this power – using valuable ingredients of some plants  is another way. And one of nature’s gift to us in the form of plants are the bitter substances they contain.

Pretect your skin and reinforce the skin barrier

Our skin does a great job every day: as the largest organ of our body, it protects us from external influences such as injuries or heat, absorbs active substances and regulates our body temperature.
But more and more people in Western industrialised countries realise that their skin is not strong enough to deal with everyday stresses and strains. Even though the exact causes for these strains are unclear, pollution and excessive hygiene (such as long and hot showers) might be among the reasons why. (1).

Hence it’s very important to strengthen the natural protective barrier of our skin and maintain its health. Herbal ingredients such as bitters play a special role in skin care and boost the weakened skin barrier.

Bitters are good for digestion

When you think of “bitter”, you might first think of an unpleasant taste. Like medicine, for example. But coffee, rocket or citrus fruits also taste more or less bitter.

In fact, bitters are said to have a positive effect on general well-being: they can contribute to healthy digestion in several ways. Bitter substances: (1)

  • stimulate the formation of digestive juices
  • conttrol your appetite
  • contribute to the normal functioning of the liver and fat metabolism, (2)

Bitters provide an important contribution to our digestive system and strengthen our well-being from inside.

Not as bitter as before

In many salads and vegetables, fruits, grains and cereals, bitter flavours have been partly bred away over the years to make them taste “better”. As a result the valuable bitters are disappearing from our food and your intake of food will not provide sufficient bitter substances.

Look after yourself

In order to feel good, make sure you get enough exercise and cut your daily stress. A healthy diet and bitters are as important. As you don’t always consume enough bitter substances found in food, try Bitterstern herbal drops with 17 herbs.


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