Bitter. Fruity. NEW.

The new Bitterfein pastilles offer a  unique taste: fruity and gentle. And they are ideal on the go.

Bitterfein Pastilles

Food supplement with original Bitterstern / 90 g

Our top quality Bitterfein pastilles contain 17 herbs from the original herbal drops. They are rounded off with a fine note of orange to give a fruity, gentle and bitter taste.

How to use the pastilles

Melt 1-2 pastilles slowly in your mouth before or after meals.  Do not exceed the recommended daily intake of 10 per day.

Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet.

What’s so great about these pastilles?

  • Smooth and long lasting taste
  • Ideal companion on the road, for the office or when traveling
  • Tames little sweet tooth
  • Developed by experts

Bitters are literally “on everyone’s lips”. And rightly so, because bitter substances are part of a healthy, varied and balanced diet.

Bitterstern pastilles contain the original Bitterstern herbs in a completely new form: as delicious pastilles on the go. Since the valuable bitter substances are released over a longer period of time when melting in your mouth, Bitterfein is a particularly gentle bitter pleasure.


Gelling agent: gum arabic; sugar; glucose syrup; 6 %* Bitterstern® concentrate (extracts from aromatic bitter herbs: Alcohol, water, lavender flowers, yarrow herb, galangal root, gentian root, angelica root, fennel fruit, caraway seed, cinnamon bark, dandelion root, marjoram herb, ginger root, bitter orange peel, cloves, citrus root, Iceland moss, cardamom fruit, coriander fruit); acidulants: citric acid; orange oil; gentian extract; vegetable oil (rapeseed, coconut); glazing agents: beeswax (white), carnauba wax.

* Equivalent to 11 % Bitterstern®.