Basisches UrDeo
50 ml deodorant roller

UrDeo is a natural alkaline deodorant with minerals and aloe vera to prevent unpleasant odours and provide excellent skin care. Does not contain aluminium.

You want to know more?

  • Based on natural, body-friendly substances
  • Contains only the highest quality food grade raw materials
  • With aloe vera for gentle skin care; dermatologically tested
  • No formation of unpleasant odour for up to 48 hours
  • Free of perfume, colouring and preservatives
  • Without aluminium salts, odourless

How to use the deodorant

Before each use, please shake firmly with the cap closed! Apply sparingly, the product is very effective and economical. After application, please allow to dry briefly before putting on clothing. Please do not apply immediately after shaving, as this may cause occasional irritation.

The benefits of UrDeo

Our alkaline UrDeo deodorant is made exclusively from food-grade ingredients. They are natural and gentle to the skin. Completely fragrance-neutral, it offers effective protection against unpleasant body odours for 48 hours.

The deodorant is alkaline, odourless, and free of both synthetic fragrances, as well as aluminium, dyes, and preservatives. It naturally supports the deacidification of the organism through the armpits. With a highly alkaline pH of 9, it does not contribute to additional acidification, unlike many synthetic body care products. The aloe vera ingredients also contribute to the gentle care of the skin.

UrDeo works by noticeably changing the environment of the armpit: acidic sweat is balanced by the contained mineral alkaline substances so that bacteria have a harder time surviving. This prevents unpleasant odours from developing in the first place.


Aqua, alcohol, glycerin (vegetable), calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, disodium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, potassium bicarbonate, cellulose gum, aloe barbadensis leaf extract.