Acid-base balance

Acid-base balance and its importance for your health

Our body is a miracle of nature that always strives for balance. This covers a number of processes such as the acid-base balance where a sophisticated buffer system ensures that acids and bases are equally balanced in the body.

In recent years the notion of the body becoming over-acidified has been widely discussed and we would like to give you some insight.

What does acid-base balance mean?

The acid-base balance includes all processes in the body that help to balance the ratio of acids and bases (with the help of a buffer system). If we want to know your acid-base balance, the pH value is a good indicator. For example, the pH of our blood must always remain stable between 7.35 and 7.45.¹

Balancing acids and bases in your body

Our body is set to best operate with balanced  acids and bases for metabolic processes (for example, the conversion of carbohydrates or proteins into energy for the cells). Each organ has its own specific pH.

Saliva has a slightly alkaline to neutral pH. Chewing food can produce acids which in return can attack your teeths’ enamel. Alkaline salive will balance this danger.

Stomach acid, on the other hand, has a very acidic pH value. The acid breaks down food into its components and eliminates pathogens which might have made their way into the stomach.

The large intestine provides an alkaline environment.

How does the body manage to keep the acid-base balance in equilibrium, although the pH values are so different? This is controlled by buffer systems which automatically cushion changes in the acid-base balance.

Deacidification: What you can do for your acid-base balance?

If your acid-base balance is no longer in equilibrium, the body must use a lot of energy to balance the acids. You might consequently experience fatigue more frequently and the more you advance in age the more symptons will present themselves that will disturb the metabolic harmony your body is striving for.

As a first step, allow yourself a moment of peace, focus on your inner self and listen to your body – be mindful.

Understand your body’s needs. Sometimes  adjusting your diet by adding lots of fresh vegetables and fruits helps to strengthen your body in balancing acids and bases and start the process of  “deacidification”.

Alkaline food supplements, such as the Alkaline Power Set, can also be helpful for your acid-base balance. A warm alkaline bath is particularly pleasant during the cold season.

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