We help you build your inner strength

Our body is a miracle of nature and so are the biological processes that keep it alive. We at Laetitia believe that physical and mental well-being really are the basis for a happy life. The reason is obvious: if you feel good you enjoy life much more!

However, our complicated daily agenda makes it difficult to lead a healthy life. Using our products will help you strengthen your inner powerhouse. Laetitia’s 25 years of permanent growth are proof of this claim. Would you like to know more about our team?

Natural products that make sense

Our philosophy to combine the treasures provided  by nature with modern science is at the core of our products. We choose the ingredients to make sure that Laetitia herbal drops, teas, creams and more are a meaningful addition to a healthy lifestyle. We do not use synthetic preservatives or additives and all our products are made in Germany.

Holistic approach

Our experts can look back on decades of experience in traditional medicine, in the field of naturopathy and in alternative medicine. All our products have been formulated and tested based on the input and know-how of these experts who have a profound understanding of  the products’ impact on our body and on our health.

Who created Laetitia over 25 years ago?

Laetitia was founded in 1992 by alternative health practitioner and author Hannelore Fischer-Reska (†). Two years later Andreas Hammering, medical doctor and naturopath, joined the company. The wealth of experience gained in over thirty years had a major impact on Laetitia’s philosophy to apply the scientific approach to natural health thinking. A new range of crossfunctional products was born.

In 2019 Dr. Hammering retired and gave Laetitia into the hands of the family-owned company Dr C. SOLDAN Natur- und Gesundheitsprodukte. To this day all Laetitia products are created using the triple expertise of traditional medical doctors, naturopaths and alternative health practicioners.

The origins of Bitterstern herbal drops

Mrs Fischer Reska, the founder of Laetitia, developed and tested the composition of 17 valuable herbs for eight years before launching Bitterstern herbal drops in 1992.