The original recipe with 17 herbal ingredients offers unique benefits. Created more than 25 years ago, our bitter drops at top quality are more precious than ever.

 Natural Products from Laetitia

Strengthening your inner self is at the heart of Laetitia’s mission

We believe that physical and mental well-being are the basis for a happy life and our products will help you achieve this goal. For more than 25 years the Laetitia team of wellness specialists, medical doctors and health practicioners has created a range of herbal products and minerals of the highest quality. We combine nature’s treasures with the benefits of modern science to boost your body’s own power plant, Every single one of our  products is a testimony to the passion that drives us. We can help you boost your joy of living  – which is laetitia in Latin!

Our bitters for internal health and skin care

Products for a healthy acid-base balance